PH-LS Vehicle Live Stream

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Protect Your Fleet with PH-LS

Planet Halo’s GPS Live Streaming Dash Cam


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PH-LS is the industry’s first 4G GPS Live Streaming Dash Cam to market. The all-inclusive standalone dash cam includes real time GPS tracking for vehicles, 2 high resolution camera lenses and an option to include a 3rd universal lens as a back-up camera or for inside the passenger compartment.

The PH-LS GPS live streaming dash cam allows fleet managers to track, monitor and view their vehicles online with real time GPS tracking and GPS live streaming capabilities.



Eliminate Disputes. Lower Insurance Claims. Save Money.


We offer a complete all-in-one real time GPS tracking and live streaming dash cam for an unbeatable price and unmatched customer service.

Our simple promise – the best camera & service at the best price. Guaranteed.


Our PH-LS dash cam comes equipped with:

  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • 4G GPS Live Streaming
  • Fleet Management Software
  • All-inclusive Dash Cam
  • 128gb Removable Storage Capacity
  • Tamper Resistant Hardware and Software Solution
  • Real Time Vehicle and Camera Status Alerts
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We Top our Competition in Every Way

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Make Every Ride Safer

The presence of a live streaming dash cam encourages good behavior and keeps both driver and passenger honest.[/two_third_last] [one_third]graph-icon[/one_third][two_third_last]

Reduce Insurance Claims

Continuous recording documents the details of every ride in High Definition (HD). Bundled together with the dash cam’s Real time GPS tracking and live streaming is guaranteed to prevent false claims.[/two_third_last] [one_third]wifi-icon2

Access Footage Anywhere

PH-LS 4G GPS live streaming dash cam automatically uploads event videos and allows for real time GPS tracking through our Fleet Management Software via phone, tablet or PC.[/two_third_last]


Detailed Fleet Management That Communicates the Entire Story

Fleet management has never been this easy with the analysis tools we provide.



Easy Access to Notable Driving Events

Navigate and access video to notable events such as sudden breaking, vehicle idling, and more.



Sleek & Compact Design

We build our live streaming dash cams with aesthetic and practicality in mind.

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