Accuscore – Driver Improvement Program

Planet Halo partners with Acculitx to deliver the most comprehensive Driver Scoring and Risk Assessment on the market today

Accuscore℠ is an automatically generated driving score based on data collected by Planet Halo that allows fleet managers to effortlessly pinpoint the most critical video clips without ever looking at a single video!

Accuscore generates a comprehensive and detailed driver behavior profile for each driver in order to help companies identify which drivers are exposing them to the greatest amount of risk and require driving improvement training. In addition, Accuscore provides the ability to truly identify which drivers are the best so fleets can also reward and recognize their driving performance equally.

The combined solution allows today’s fleets to save a tremendous amount of time and money by accurately identifying driver behavior and risk simply by reviewing the Accuscore driver report. Being able to pinpoint the most relevant videos and assess risk per mile driven provides the most elegant solution at a low cost.

  • accuscore-editedEvaluate only the video segments that are essential in key events
  • Greatly reduce  video storage requirements
  • Create a behavior profile for each driver
  • Apply coaching and improvement programs
  • Reward  your best drivers
  • Mitigate risk
  • Potentially lower your insurance expenses


Driving carries an inherent Risk. Planet Halo and Acculitx help fleets understand that risk in order to manage and reduce it.

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