PH4 – Multi-Channel All-In-One HD Dash Cam


Mobile Video Recording PH4

PH4 Specifications


Brilliantly Designed Complete Mobile System

Brilliantly Designed

There’s small and compact. Then there’s small and compact on a whole new level. PH4 is a complete unified system that offers insurmountable features packed in to one tiny device.

High Resolution

More clarity means, more of everything. More documenting, more stunning, more value. When it’s time to drive, or monitor your drivers and vehicle, your video will look that much clearer. Crisp, clear resolution allows camera images to be zoomed in on, revealing license plate numbers and other important details.



Multi Channel

The PH4 is the world’s first high resolution multi-channel dual lens camera with capacity for expansion to 4 lenses. The external lens allows the ability to be mounted on vehicle side panels, rear panels, in cargo bays or throughout your vehicle.

Storage Backup

Mirroring the main memory card, the external Hard Drive allows you the ability to store more data, and hide your secondary data incognito.




The GPS tracker is delivered through seamless integration with Google earth. This allows for an in depth analysis of the speed, location and time throughout the day.

Internal Sensors

G-sensors allow you to monitor driving behavior from rapid acceleration in speed, sudden braking, abrupt turns and impact



Battery Discharge Protection

The camera protects your vehicle’s battery by monitoring its voltage levels. In the event of a weak battery, the camera will automatically shut off.


The use of the Planet Halo vehicle recorder has been shown to reduce the risk of false liability claims, lower insurance premiums in many cases, and prevent false accusations against your drivers.


Download PDF Spec sheet (PH4)