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Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras are ideal for insurance protection and risk mitigation. Consumers and commercial vehicle drivers use Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras to disprove inaccurate claims in disputed situations.

Planet Halo high definition dashboard cameras have reduced false claims and wrongly accused accidents by as much as 95%. Having a camera system as a 3rd party witness improves driver safety, increases driver security, and exonerates drivers who are not at fault.

Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras are used for fleet management to determine actual driving performance and behavior. Knowing exact occurrences during any situation through means of video evidence and data analytics is pertinent for fleet management.

Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras help resolve false claim occurrences immediately with video evidence. The Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras are your vehicle’s Insurance Protection. Please contact us for a qualified list of insurance companies for a camera subsidy or premium discount.

Planet Halo’s Commercial Dash Cam contains a tamper resistant bracket for both the video storage card and cables. The commercial dash cam models have a backup battery that records the last 5 seconds of video in the event of a power loss to the camera. The PH2-S and the PH4 are the ultimate solutions to your fleet management needs.

Additional accessories for the commercial dash cam models include an external hard drive for longer record time and separate data storage. WiFi data transferring is an option for convenient video downloading and fleet management.
Vehicle fleet industries that use
Planet Halo livestreaming dashcams:





Charter Bus

Mass Transit Vehicles

School Bus


Passenger Cars

Recreation Vehicles



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