Innovative Fleet Tracking Solutions

Fleet managers can easily oversee their drivers’ productivity and performance through Planet Halo’s all-in-one dashboard camera solutions.  Our technology was developed to track travel duration, manage driver hours, and reduce fuel usage. Fleet managers can also monitor dangerous driving behaviors and any unauthorized vehicle usage. All of these features allow companies to ensure efficiency, compliance, and safety that ultimately maximizes output and the bottom line.

Mitigate False Claims

Planet Halo’s cameras negate false claims and wrongly accused accidents from occurring. Planet Halo’s fleet tracking solution will reduce insurance claims and improve driver behavior.

Planet Halo’s video, GPS and refined G-sensor algorithm will assist in your fleet tracking requirements. Detailed vehicle, road and passenger monitoring will reduce insurance claims by mitigating false claims through fully encrypted and tamper resistant video evidence.

Accident Monitoring

The Planet Halo dash cam is the perfect accident monitoring system for your vehicle. Any reported incidents will allow you to revert back to a specific incident, date and time for pinpoint accurate fleet management tracking and accident monitoring.

The Planet Halo fleet management tracking solution allows fleet managers to identify risky driving behavior, providing the accident monitoring tools to intervene before incidents occur due to risky driving behavior.

Driver Misconduct

Planet Halo’s dash cam monitoring solution provides a detailed description of driver misconduct and a review of the driver’s behavior through Planet Halo’s refined G-force data algorithm.

Early intervention for driver misconduct through Planet Halo’s dash cam monitoring solution will eliminate risky driving behavior, and in return correspond to a reduction in accidents.

Passenger Complaints

Planet Halo taxi dash cams are your ultimate solution to mitigating passenger complaints. Planet Halo’s taxi dash cams will resolve passenger complaints in a prompt and efficient manner.

Planet Halo’s bus dash cams will capture multiple angles of the bus exterior and interior cabin compartment. Should passenger complaints arise, Planet Halo’s bus dash cam will help exonerate or improve driver behavior.

Theft, Vandalism, or Assaults

Your Planet Halo dash cam surveillance system is your omnipresent witness, capturing footage while driving and parked. Planet Halo’s dash cam surveillance is a highly sophisticated, cost-effective vehicle monitoring system for your vehicle. The Planet Halo dash cam surveillance documents vandalism, hit & runs and break-ins. Rest easy when having to deal with the police and your insurance company. Knowing you have hard video evidence on your side is significant to incarcerating the offender in the event of theft, vandalism or assault to your vehicle.

Planet Halo’s dash cam surveillance system protects you from paying higher insurance premiums, or collision deductibles for accidents that were not caused by you. Planet Halo provides the perfect vehicle monitoring solution for any unfortunate circumstances that could occur to you and your vehicle.

Vehicle Damage / Wear & Tear

The Planet Halo vehicle surveillance system will give you peace of mind when your vehicle is out of your hands. Audio, video, speed and route tracking is used for vehicle monitoring to detail activity that occurs in and around your vehicle. Have eyes on your vehicle at all times.

Vehicle surveillance is a great check and balance for when your vehicle is out of your hands. Service technicians and valet drivers will stay honest, knowing their actions are being recorded. Keep tabs on where and how well your teen is driving when out with the car. Utilize a Planet Halo vehicle surveillance system for vehicle monitoring and management when your drivers are on the road.

Fuel Cost Savings

Erratic driving behavior and recklessness on the road, not only poses as a risk factor, but also adds additional costs to maintenance and fuel. The Driver Improvement Program will not only mitigate risk on the road, but increase your fuel cost savings and reduce your maintenance costs.

Focusing on driver improvement as a priority will add to your company’s fuel cost savings, reduce your vehicle operational costs, resulting in increased protection for your company and your drivers.

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