Dash Cam Features

In an environment of increasing litigation, regulation and threats to security, it has become incumbent upon service providers to protect themselves through indisputable evidence. Planet Halo has designed its product to provide multi-view video, audio and location data capturing every driving experience for detailed analysis.

Our dashboard cameras are packed with features that will not only help you track your fleet and personal vehicle performance, but also provide insurance benefits from false claims, theft, or negligence.

Planet Halo Dash Cam Features

[two_col]HD Video[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]Get crisp, high resolution videos that show all the detail you need.[/ten_col_last]


[ten_col_last]Accelerometers allow for the tracking and recording of your vehicle’s speed and location.[/ten_col_last]

[two_col]Park Mode[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]Camera records in park mode to prevent draining of your vehicle’s battery.[/ten_col_last]

[two_col]Backup Battery[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]The backup battery will save the last few seconds of footage in the event of a power disconnect to the camera.[/ten_col_last]

[two_col]Route Tracker[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]Track your entire route, elevation and speed through your camera’s data analytics.[/ten_col_last]

[two_col]G-Force Sensors[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]Monitor hard acceleration, braking, and cornering to improve driver performance and behavior.[/ten_col_last]

[two_col]Wide Angle Lens[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]130 degree lens captures the whole road.[/ten_col_last]

[two_col]Records Audio[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]Record your commentaries and experiences with the camera’s audio capabilities.[/ten_col_last]

[two_col]Records Continuously[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]When the memory card is full, the data cycles back to the beginning and automatically overwrites the oldest data first.[/ten_col_last]

[two_col]Satisfaction Guaranteed[/two_col]

[ten_col_last]1 year manufacturer’s warranty free upgradable firmware.[/ten_col_last]