Case Studies

Determining actual driving performance, pinpointing areas on where to improve driving behavior, and knowing exact occurrences during any given situation through means of video evidence and data analytics is pertinent to a company with a fleet of vehicles under management. Planet Halo, inc uses video, gps, and g-sensor data to monitor driving behavior and incidents that may occur on the road.

Reduced Accident Frequency

  • Risky driving behavior drops by as much as 50% within the first six weeks, and as much as 72% by the end of the 1st year of camera implementation.
  • The time it takes to resolve claims is 40% quicker
  • 30% reduction in the number of vehicle accidents

Lowered Operating Costs

  • 95% reduction in wrongly accused accidents
  • 25% reduction in insurance claims costs
  • 15% reduction in vehicle maintenance costs

Case Studies

Protection for Drivers and Companies

  • Improves driver safety and security
  • Exonerates drivers who were not at fault

*Facts are based on 5352 vehicles over a period of 2 years

Without evidentiary video proof, incidents are only speculation and hearsay as to what actually happened. Planet Halo allows for true insight on what had occurred during any given situation, resulting in cost savings over 50% of the time. To this day, Planet Halo has saved its clients millions of dollars in insurance claims.